Tom was the fourth of five children raised on a small farm near Gibson City, Illinois. His father fought in World War II in the Pacific and became a farmer after the war. His mother went to Illinois State University, and her first job was teaching 12 students in a one room country school house.  After college, Tom taught junior high and high school science.  Tom later worked for  State Farm Insurance as a mainframe programmer, software developer, systems analyst and a manager. Tom retired from State Farm in 2015 to focus full time as State Representative for the 106 legislative district.

Tom has a BS in Education, a BS in Applied Computer Science, an MBA, and a Doctorate of Business Administration. Tom and wife Kathy have two grown children and three grandchildren.  Today, Tom serves as a Republican GOP County Chairman and is Secretary to the County Chairman’s Association in Illinois.  He is a past chair of the national organization, Association of Community College Trustees. Tom is a past Chairman of the Parkland College Board of Trustees.

Tom is grateful for the opportunity to serve as your State Representative and is working hard to meet with constituents from around the district.  Many in our district work in education, agriculture, small business, and for the State of Illinois.  People in our district are hardworking.  They care about the people they serve and they routinely put in extra time to help their families and communities.  They care about the land and work hard to make it last for generations.  They are fiscally conservative, have a strong work ethic and lead by example.  Tom is working hard to provide strong constituent service and find a way to help the State of Illinois live within its means.  Challenges are growing as we are confronted with high debt and critical needs across our state, changing demographics and competition for jobs from around the world.  Tom believes in smaller government. He believes in the individual and that they have the right to work hard to achieve their dreams.  Accountability.  Personal responsibility.  Achievement.  As well as the need to protect the most vulnerable in our society.

When it is time to take a break, Tom relaxes by spending time with family and singing with a local southern gospel group, Jake’s Boys.  This group has sung for Illinois Farm Bureau, churches, county fairs, community dinners and fundraisers in 3 to 4 states.  Tom is a member of Masonic Lodge and a honorary member of Rotary International and is a Paul Harris Fellow.